ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts & Flatbreads & Gluten Free

Help us in supporting your local restaurants with delivery/take out
Cutting Labor Costs in Your Restaurant. 

ItalCrust blows away the crowds in Chicago at the 100th Anniversary National Restaurant Association Show.

What people are saying about us:

"...Finally, a pizza crust company who has created the real thing:  Authentic, New York style pizza crusts pre baked and ready to top...."

"... it's good!  I like the crispiness..."

     - Aron Sanchez Food Network Star & Celebrity Chef

"... there is nothing like this..."

- Penny Davidi, Chopped Champion, Food Network Star

"... its not that I want a crust that's made in Italy.  It's that I want this crust, and it just happens to be made in Italy"

- major US retailer
Food Network Chef Penny Davidi  

ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts, Flatbreads and Gluten Free allow anyone to create premium, authentic pizza and flatbreads without the time, prep and experience required for working with dough.   You can literally create your own pizzeria at home or in your restaurant by simply defrosting, topping and cooking.    This is way beyond what you have ever seen before in your supermarket.   Every ItalCrust is made from premium pizza dough, including "00" flour, allowed to rise for 24 hours, and stretched by hand.   

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we will be offering direct delivery starting later this week for a limited time.    Our factory is running and our warehouses are ready for shipment.  To order please contact us.


ItalCrust is the easiest and most authentic way to create restaurant quality wood fired pizza for customers to take home and bake themselves.

In as little as a few days, you could be topping and selling pizza using simple ingredients available in any supermarket or through any foodservice distributor wrapped for take out in your store. 



ItalCrust is available and it's fast and easy, with little labor, prep or special oven requirement.  Simply open the case, defrost, top and cook to create authentic, premium quality take out or delivery options for your customers to eat at home.  

Pizza cooked a high temperature is safe, easy and appeals to a broad audience.   It is the original take out meal and one that people feel comfortable with right now.

For distributor information in your area, contact your local distributor and ask for ItalCrust or contact us for a list of who in your area has inventory now.


For Home

Coming this week, our never before, restaurant -chef- only wood fired pizza crusts will be available to the public for home delivery via our partnership.

More information:

- ItalCrust comes pack in bulk bags, 12-18 crusts per bag (depending on the crust size).   You will need to be sure you have enough space for them in your freezer (or split them with your neighbors)
- ItalCrust can be cooked in your home oven!   We have already pre-baked them in a wood fired oven.  You will cook them right on the rack of your oven at 450 degrees.
- ItalCrust can be topped with whatever you like.  You can simply warm it and use as bread (and you will not believe how good it takes), brush with olive oil, create a masterpiece pizza, or create your own ideas.
- Sizes available will vary from week to week

- Gluten free will also be available for home.  See more information on our gluten free crusts at
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ItalCrust original wood fired pizza crusts & flatbreads deliver scratch
quality recipes with the convenience of par baked. 

ItalCrust is the gold standard base in the restaurant industry, allowing any operation to have a viable, alternative to working with pizza dough, while consistently delivering world class culinary quality to their customers with faster prep, no waste, less space and more oven options.       
Our clean, vegan, non-GMO crusts are made with "00" flour Extra Virgin Olive oil, proofed for twenty four hours, hand-stretched and then cooked in an oak wood and beech fired oven. 

Simple Clean Ingredients:  

Soft Wheat Flour, Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Salt and Yeast.

ItalCrust Launches Gluten Free

Our new Gluten Free Pizza Crusts, just hit the market.  A revolutionary product made from real deglutinated pizza dough finally delivers that authentic pizza experience, with out the gluten.

Flatbreads that Hold Up

Pumpkin, Fig & Goat Cheese Flatbread
ItalCrust flatbreads taste better, hold ingredients with more stability, and create a beautiful recipes that are perfect for an appetizer, small entree, or even a lunch size or bar.   Use as is, or flatten for a more artisan look. 

Contact us or ask your local distributor.

Using Naan Bread to Make Pizza

Naan bread is not pizza dough and will burn before your cheese has cooked.   Par baked pizza crusts that look and taste nothing like pizza are a thing of the past.  Read here as we debunk and demystify some of the latest claims and trends in these barely-food imitations.

Who Uses ItalCrust

Our customers are the thousands of restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, bistros, cafeterias, caterers, food trucks, sports venues and other food service operations who no longer want to use artificial, lower quality, par baked crusts.

We enable those who do are not primarily in the pizza business or who do not have the operational capability to work with dough, to have the same quality that previously could only be found in a pizzeria.  With rising labor costs, cutting out the time consuming and waste prone dough making process means true cost savings in any operation.

Customers today want real food, and with ItalCrust there is no longer a need to serve anything short of that when it comes to pizza or flat breads.  This is real pizza dough, made in Italy.

Confused about all of the different claims that pizza and pizza crust companies are making?  Read our guide here which spells out the truths and misconceptions.